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Who we are
With over 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, innovative and cost-effective cleaning and facilities management solutions to our customers.

Clarity Housekeeping began as The Central Facilities Group in 1982 providing cleaning and support services in Torbay, Devon. Over the years that followed after becoming Clarity Housekeeping in 2020, the group expanded across the West Country and nationally working with hotels and serviced apartments as well as commercial and domestic facilities.

Today, Clarity Housekeeping Ltd is an ISO 9001 accredited company that employs over 2,000 people and services over 130 sites, ensuring that customer service is at the forefront of what we do.

At the core of our business is our Clarity Values program that guides and informs all aspects of the organisation from staff recruitment and on-boarding to service delivery and quality assurance. The Clarity Values program ensures that each of the following areas is considered as our Clarity Team make decisions and go about their daily work.

Clarity offers cost-effective, and innovative solutions to Housekeeping, Commercial, Specialist and Venue Cleaning. We are proud to work with some of the UK’s leading hotel groups, and franchise operators, including Hilton Worldwide, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Marriott Hotels, and many more.

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Customer Service
Customer service is Central to what we do and we treat your customers as our customers. We go the extra mile to ensure that our customers able to call upon our Central Team at all levels and at any time to discuss your needs and requirements.
Everything that we do must provide value for our clients. Our experience, specialist teams and efficient service provision ensure that we deliver both operational and budgetary value for our clients.
Continuous monitoring and improvement is the key to maintaining quality levels and exceeding expectations. We use industry leading mobile technologies to monitor the quality of our work in real-time.
Learning & Development
We are committed to the continuous learning and development of our Central Team at all levels. Specialist training programmes, new technologies and career progression all form part of our commitment to staff learning and development.
We continuously monitor and review the latest technologies and methodologies in our sector, allowing us to provide the best service to our clients. We use the latest mobile applications to plan, monitor and complete tasks at selected client sites, also sharing these technologies for our clients to use.
Partnership & Transparency
Our customers are Central to what we do, making them our partners. We approach each contract as a transparent business partnership making our clients’ priorities our own and providing a transparent and trust-worthy service. From charge rates to staff pay, transparency and honesty are at the heart of everything we do.